Payment and Refund

The Platform is a paid service and the payments made by You shall be according to the plans opted by You through the Platform. All payments by Users shall be through the payment mechanism put in place by Us. Users have been given various options to choose and proceed with the payment for the Services via payment mechanisms including but not limited to Card Payment facilities, Online Bank Transfer and Wallet Payment. The payment gateway mechanisms are governed by the terms and conditions of the third party providers as listed on the Platform and the User agrees to be bound by those terms.

Valid Credit / Debit/ Cash Card/ online bank transfers and other payment instruments are processed using a Credit Card payment gateway or appropriate payment system infrastructure and the same will also be governed by the terms agreed to between the Users and the respective issuing bank and payment instrument issuing company. We shall not be liable for any unauthorized use, fraud, payment refunds, lost amount etc in the transaction. The amount of refund payable shall only be limited to the amount paid by the User for Services which were not rendered to the User by Us due to User’s decision of discontinuing the use of our services. We follow a refund scheme where the User is eligible for partial or full refund based on the time and/or classes elapsed since the purchase. The refund requests are reviewed and assessed by our team which may take some time to process and initiate the refund, if applicable. The amount of refund is primarily decided by the period of remaining services which the User is eligible for from the day of refund request review.

Any charges related to app publishing (e.g. charges levied by app store, play store) will be incurred by the User.

Any free trials provided on the Platform, shall also be governed by these Terms.

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